Undoubtedly, Jurassic Park is what made Michael Crichton most famous. He wrote the novel and a sequel The Lost World (the only case in which he wrote a sequel to one of his works), got involved in the screenwriting of the movie and is credited as creator of the characters in all five sequel films that completed the franchise. The second film took the title of his second novel, but followed a completely different storyline. Long before Jurassic World was chosen to be the title for the second trilogy, an edition of both novels in one volume used this title.

A short film was set between JW: Fallen Kingdom and JW: Dominion, titled Battle at Big Rock. It shows dinosaurs roaming free and attacking a camping site, as a consequence of the liberation of the dinosaurs at the end of the 5th film:

Michael Crichton revisited the world of dinosaurs in his unpublished manuscript that was released posthumously as the novel Dragon Teeth. Unlike his other novels, this one is based on real events in the context of the competitive hunt for dinosaur remains in the American West in the 1870s.

Michael Crichton's contribution to the popularization of paleontology was honored by the scientific community by naming a dinosaur after him: the Crichtonsaurus Bohlini:

The Jurassic Park phenomenon sparked an incredible range of  merchandise, toys, games, apparel, clothing, gadgets and collector items that are still today popular and very much part of popular culture everywhere. 


Long before Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton had already used the theme park setting for another cautionary tale about robots and artificial intelligence going rogue. It started as a screenplay, which Michael Crichton directed himself as the movie Westworld. It was the first movie ever to use computer generated graphics. Without his involvement, it was followed bu a (terrible) sequel titled Futureworld and an (even worse) TV series called Beyond Westworld, of which only three out of its five episodes were aired before the show was cancelled.

 In 2016, Jonathan Nolan brought back Westworld in a reboot set 40 years after the first movie (the same time that passed in real life). Just as the first film, this 4-season TV series was ahead of its time in the way it addressed societal issues related to robotics and artificial intelligence. See for example  https://intellectdiscover.com/content/journals/10.1386/jspc_00030_1